Card Case – Green


  • This pattern is said to represent the flowers and leaves of the winter hollyhock plant.
  • This pattern was widely used in the Heian period (794-1185), and was used on the Emperor’s robe, the lower garments of the Eastern Palace, and the five robes of the ladies.
  • It was also used for furnishings, such as the bedding of the imperial household, and for the furniture of the court.  


カテゴリー: タグ:


Gold and Brown KOAOI pattern with Green thread

Width:  11.5cm

Height:  7cm      

Depth:  1(max)

(All products are handmade, it may sometimes difference between a few millimeter)

(Precaution for handing Nishijin textiles)

(Skil tends to stain when it gets wet.
if you get a stains, it is recommended te send it to a specialist for stain removel.



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