Hanabishi crest





Variant – Hanabishi crest/花菱紋  Hanabishimon Accessory case with an auxiliary tool and Drawstring In the Heian period (794-1185), it was used as a pattern for furnishings and costumes of court nobles. As a family crest, the Takeda rhombus was first used by the Kai-Takeda clan and is well known. This is a small accessory case made of Nishijin textile. It can hold three rings (about 16mm). There is an auxiliary tool to keep necklaces on a chain from getting tangled. The auxiliary tool is made of Nishijin textile. The service Drawstring is not made of Nishijin textile. It can hold both the accessory case and the thick necklace smartly. Please enjoy traveling in style with this small bag and accessory case. (Accessories are not for sale.) (All products are handmade, it may sometimes difference between a few millimeter) (Precaution for handing Nishijin textiles) (Skil tends to stain when it gets wet. if you get a stains, it is recommended te send it to a specialist for stain removel.



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